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New Habits

for Effectiveness





                                    The Practice of Creative Cooperation

                                                       See every problem as an opportunity to exercise creative energy.  Stephen Covey

What is your mission? Are you living your mission?  

Have You Advanced Your Mission?

Take the elemental team challenge and find, live and advance your mission.

As you begin the next part of your journey, it is essential that you have written your personal mission on  and vision statement. If you have not written this statement, we recommend that you use the PATH Process. Go to  This site is a great tool to find and create your mission statement.


More about the PATH process

Laurie Beth Jones Personal Path Elements Profile (PEP) offers online strengths-based assessments and programs in convenient and flexible formats to offer a quick snapshot of teams elementally. The Four Elements of Success use both strengths and challenges to build teams and teamwork impact on relationships, results and communications.

Our strengths performance coaching process provide private coaching sessions around your unique Personal Path Profile  to help you align your current roles and responsibilities, plan to build highly effective teams for great results.

GPS Coaching is dedicated to a communication process to excite, ground, transform and release the power of teamwork. We also identify and unpack what your report says about you and ultimately how this information influences others you serve and lead. Together, we can enhance and align the engagement and success level of every Personal Path Elements Profiler. Great Life. Great Teams. Great Results.

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